Starter has arrived - and booties~

Over the last few days I've added a couple things to my Pokemon Collection, some Eevee-Lution cards from a Sylveon box (with Sylveon figure) and my first starter Pokemon as a Takara Tomy plush - Charmander! He is incredibly amazing and cute and is on my shelf.

Unfortunately another package I was waiting on anxiously did not contain two pokedolls, but two bootleg plush :( very disappointing but I am returning them to get a refund through amazon. I'm hoping the other pokedoll/plush I'm waiting on is true and authentic, else I shall be bummed again.

Looking forward to getting a few deals closed (money orders on the way!) for some pokedolls, an old favorite I had years ago, and a folder I've been wanting.

Look forward to keep moving forward!


Small (but starting) Collection

Hello all! I only have a small Pokemon collection currently that is taken up by my pokedolls and various plush I've acquired over the years. As I have the means to expand I plan to seek out the pokedolls I'm wanting to add to my collection.

I will have to work on getting photos loaded. But I have a couple Eevee pokedolls and a keychain (just received it) an old style Jolteon (non minky) and others. On the way I have a couple other Eevee-Lutions and an Arcanine (which I'm super excited about).

Will hopefully get photos up soon and compile a detailed list of current pokedoll collection status.